If a tooth extraction is recommended from our dental professionals, you can trust that it is in the best interest of your oral health and overall well-being. While we strive to preserve and save your natural teeth whenever possible, an extraction may be necessary in certain situations. At Dentistry of Highland Village, tooth removal is a standard general dentistry procedure that is carried out with skilled precision and comfortable care. In fact, patient comfort is a top priority at our family dental practice in Houston. You can trust us to finalize your treatment plan after your extraction by providing the most advanced options in tooth replacement. We specialize in dental implants and top quality crowns to ensure your smile retains optimal function and beautiful aesthetics for years to come.

During your extraction procedure, the tooth root is gently removed by expanding the tooth socket and separating the supporting ligaments. The duration and difficulty of a tooth extraction largely depends on the type of tooth and its location in your mouth. Our practice is equipped to perform all types of extractions, including the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. You can trust that we will use specific techniques to preserve surrounding bone and tissues as much as possible. We encourage patients to express their concerns regarding their upcoming procedures and let us know their preferences for sedation dentistry if desired.


Reasons for Tooth Extraction

There are a number of factors that warrant a tooth extraction, ranging from pain relief to cosmetic improvement. The following are examples of common reasons why an adult or child may need tooth removal from our office:

  • Loosened tooth root due to advanced periodontal disease
  • Baby teeth that refuse to fall out or are impeding adult teeth
  • Preparation for orthodontic treatment
  • Removal of a malformed or fractured tooth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Severe tooth decay or infection

The importance of replacing a missing tooth goes beyond aesthetics. A missing tooth can cause adjacent teeth to shift out of position, which can lead to bite misalignment and a number of dental health consequences. At your tooth extraction appointment, we are happy to discuss your options in tooth replacement if appropriate.

Contact Dentistry of Highland Village today to schedule your tooth extraction. We treat patients of all ages with comprehensive dental care. For your convenience, we offer extended hours and Saturday appointments to fit your schedule. Because we deeply care about the health and appearance of your smile, we do everything we can to make dental care hassle-free and rewarding.

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