Treating gum disease can prevent tooth loss and potentially save your overall health. Therefore, we are committed to offering the most proven dental treatments for effective gum disease treatment at Dentistry of Highland Village We proudly provide Arestin antibiotic treatment in conjunction with our deep cleaning (scaling and root planing) services for gum disease.

Arestin treats the bacteria that causes gum disease in the first place. It is a prescription antibiotic that is FDA approved. When used with SRP (scaling and root planing), this topical ointment can help stop the progression of gum disease and prevent serious consequences to your dental health and body health.


How Does Arestin Help?

Gum disease is caused by a bacterial infection that can damage the gums, tissue and bone surrounding your teeth. While a deep cleaning can remove the cause of bacterial infection, the Arestin antibiotics can successfully kill the bacteria. This makes it more effective than scaling and root planing alone.

After a deep periodontal cleaning, we will locally administer Arestin in the pockets of tissue above and below your gum line. Arestin is a powder composed of numerous tiny microspheres that release antibiotics over time. Therefore, its effects will continue to last long after your procedure. The application process is quick and painless, and the Arestin powder will dissolve on its own.

To learn more about how Arestin can effectively treat your gum disease, please contact Dentistry of Highland Village today. We are proud to use the latest treatment methods in modern dentistry to help our patients retain the healthiest, most confident smile through all stage of life.

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