• Never Ignore Missing Teeth

    on Mar 21st, 2017

While it is common for patients to rush to the dental office when they lose a front tooth, it is less popular for patients to realize they need tooth replacement for a missing tooth in the back of the mouth. Without the threat of aesthetics, do you really need to replace a missing tooth? The answer is yes!

Cosmetics are just one of many drawbacks of missing teeth. Regardless of where it is in your mouth, a missing tooth can cause the adjacent teeth to shift out of position. As your existing teeth migrate towards the open space, it opens the door for a host of oral health problems.

Bite misalignment can often occur when the teeth shift. Your teeth may start to feel different when you bite them together. This can compromise your chewing function as well as create painful jaw symptoms or a TMJ disorder. In addition, the abnormal pressures on different tooth surfaces may lead to premature wear of your smile.

A lesser-known consequence of missing teeth is bone loss. Without a natural tooth root to stimulate the underlying jawbone, the bone can suffer atrophy or begin to resorb over time. When this occurs, you may look older than you really are due to a sunken appearance in your lower face. Bone loss can even jeopardize your chances of getting a dental implant, as implants need proper bone density and height to be successful.

At Dentistry of Highland Village, we have a talented and skilled restorative dentist who offers bridges and dental implants. Our office offers top ranked solutions that look, feel and function like natural teeth. If you have a missing molar, don’t assume you can wait to replace it. Schedule your appointment in Houston today.

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