• Boost Your Deep Cleaning With Arestin

    on Jul 17th, 2016

If you have mild to moderate gum disease, a deep cleaning is often the first line of treatment. A professional deep cleaning is also referred to as scaling and root planing, in which the area below the gum line is effectively cleaned and the surfaces of the tooth root are smoothed out to encourage gum reattachment. While SRP alone is effective, there is now a way to boost your deep cleaning with the additional use of Arestin antibiotic. Arestin antibiotics are a direct approach that treats bacterial infection on site in the periodontal pocket (compared to a systematic approach that uses oral antibiotics). 

Gum disease is a bacterial infection. With gum disease, the space between the tooth and the gum (called the sulcus) gets deeper as the infection progresses. This are is also referred to as the “gum pocket.” Unfortunately, if the infection is not treated properly, this pocket can get deep enough to cause the tooth to lose support. This is why gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. 

During scaling and root planing (SRP), the gum pockets are effectively cleaned. However, using Arestin after SRP can improve the success of the treatment because it continues to kill the bacteria after the procedure. Arestin contains microspheres or tiny particles that stay in the gum pocket to terminate the bacteria for up to 28 days. Arestin can be placed immediately after a deep cleaning or at your follow-up visit. 

While SRP and Arestin is an excellent way to fight gum disease, you must also do your part. Maintaining proper oral hygiene and seeing your dentist regularly are critical for gum disease management. At Dentistry of Highland Village, we are proud to offer the latest, most proven gum disease therapies. However, we also value the importance of educating our patients on their specific risk factors as well as ways to combat periodontal disease at home.

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