Teeth Whitening for Life


At Dentistry of Highland Village, preventative dental care is something we deeply value. In fact, we feel so strongly about the importance of maintaining routine dental checkups that our office rewards the patients that stay on track. Our complimentary Whitening for Life program is designed to help patients keep their smile a dazzling white all year long in exchange for their commitment to keeping their routine dental visits.

A Healthy Smile Is A Brilliant Smile

We know that a white, attractive smile is important to you. Therefore, if you'll trust us to address the health of your smile on a regular basis, we are happy to give you the tools to boost your smile appearance at home. By choosing to attend your routine dental appointments every six months, which includes an exam, professional cleaning and x-rays, you'll receive all you need to give your smile a brighter hue. You will be provided with our professional-grade whitening gel along with a set of custom trays that are molded to your unique smile. Just by keeping your appointments for a cleaning every six months, you'll receive a free refill of whitening gel at each visit.

Our Whitening for Life program ensures you can be confident in both the health and beauty of your smile all year long. If you would like more information about this complimentary program at Dentistry of Highland Village, please give us a call. We offer a full menu of general, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments at our Houston office, which allows us to address all aspects of your smile in one convenient location.

Are you ready get free whitening for life? Start by contacting Dentistry of Highland Village today to book your routine dental appointment. Remember that if you have dental insurance, two preventative dental visits are typically covered under your plan each year. Achieving a healthy white smile has never been so easy.